How to get to

Casa Filakopi

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  • At the main crossroad (Grigoris Cafe) go right.

  • And follow the road parallel to the sea.

  • When you reach the sign to Pollonia (200 m) turn left.

  • As you go on you will pass Alevromilos restaurant on your right.

  • And after a while Eko gas station also on your right.

  • Next to the gas station there is a roundabout (Pic 6). Turn Right to Pollonia.

  • You will pass an Elin gas station on the right.

  • And after a while a small bridge.

  • Finally you have reached Papafragas beach. (Do NOT make any turn). Continue ahead.

  • Go on for about 200 meters until you reach the arrow street sign.

  • When you finally reach the arrow street signs..
    Turn Right on the country road and follow it.

  • You are almost there. Just Follow the Road.

  • You will see Casa Filakopi on your left.
    At the end of the road go left and you are there.

  • Welcome. Please make yourself at home.

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